taken by my good friend Mk.gee

taken by my good friend Mk.gee

Hello. I'm Mallory Hauser and I am the person who took all the pictures on this website (other than the one of me right about this text, of course). I am first and foremost a person, but also an artist and primarily focus on music as I am currently a student in the Popular Music program at USC. 

Why do I have a photography website then? Well, I love photography and have found a lot of happiness in shooting with my Nikon FM10 film camera– so much happiness, in fact, that I would like to offer my services to you.

You, yes you. If you are interested in getting headshots, live performance shots, skating shots, album cover shots, artsy shots, silly shots, any shots– just email me or message me on Facebook/Instagram and I would be happy to set up a time and place to take those shots for you. 

Have a lovely day.

–M. Hauser


All photos on this site are film and were taken by M. Hauser (other than the one on this page).