New pics of qool peeps

Heyo, I've been lazy on updating but I recently uploaded some new pictures. Thank you for investing any of your time/attention toward this project. Please, enjoy <3 

new pics.


I recently had the pleasure of shooting another one of my very best musician friends (which you can check out by clicking the photo shoots tab). Over the remaining month and a half of this incredible summer, I've also went on many of adventures and my camera came along with, so you can check out some new pics if you want just by perusing through the Color and Misc. tabs above. Hope ya like them. <3 

-M. Hauser


Hi there.

I hope you have a great time perusing through the pictures on this website. All of these pics are taken with my Nikon FM10 and, therefore, are all film photos. If you find any that really catch your eye, don't ever hesitate to reach out and see if you can get a print of it. Really, it'd mean so much to me knowing that someone is appreciating my photography other than my parents (love them to death). Oh yeah, and if you want some "hipster-head-shots™" let me know. That's the main point of this website-- to showcase mah stuff so you can reach out for a shoot. 

Thanks for checking it out and enjoy.

-M. Hauser