Abby Hwong / NoSo 


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Moira Mackesey-Green / Moira Mack


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Mike Gordon / Mk.gee

This is my friend, Mike. Below are some pictures of him from our poppin' photo shoot. Mike has amazing music -- links below -- and one of my pictures turned out to be his pick for his album cover. 





Christine Meisenhelter / Mistine Music

Here is a good friend, Christine. Under this To the left are some pictures of her from a fun hang/photo shoot. Stay tuned for some bangin' tunes she's about to release by checking out her social media pages.



This is my friend, Abby-- AKA NoSo. She's got great music filled with clever lyrics, kewl arrangements, and rad guitar playing. Check her stuff out and enjoy the pics I took of her <3


Here is another one of my great friends, Moira. You can find some pictures from our fun-filled-for-everyone photo shoot. This lovely human being also happens to be a very talented musician/singer/songwriter/etc. Please stay up-to-date with her latest and greatest musical moments by checking out those links.   


These guys are a few cats that all share incredible talent and big hearts. My friends Mark, Jarren, and Eddie are all part of this sick band and I got to take some pics of them. Check them out----

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